Sentinel Tree on Slate FireplaceI do commissions.

Contact me if you have a special place you love and would like a painting of it for your home or office.

Contact me if you have an unusual space that needs a bit of drama. I have painted many tall and narrow Sequoia’s that fit at the top of a stairway or on a tall fireplace or on a pillar or at the end of the hall giving the feeling of walking into a forest.

Contact me if you are trying to match a color pallet and want a painting matching or contrasting your decor.

Contact me if you have a wide space over a couch or bed or… I can do most any size.

Contact me if you’d like a triptych or a mosaic of many paintings.

Get the gist? Just email:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Joy

Oak Lace Paintings in Suncrest Bank

Dogwoods with Giant Sequoia and Deer